Located harbourside with world-class views of Sydney Harbour and the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bar Patrón is a casually chic Mexican restaurant and bar known for its killer top-tier tequila, margarita and cocktail list, and a casual Mexican menu that pulses with bold flavours and rich spices which celebrate the festivity of the Mexican dining experience.

Bold Mexican flavours are dangerously good, and everything is designed to share, except each delicious handheld taco, which you will undoubtedly want to call your own.

In addition to a hitlist of tacos, the menu includes cold starters, hot starters and larger dishes Al Carbon – or cooked over coal. Expect fresh flavours and seafood such as scallop ceviche, tuna ensalada, butterflied King prawns and tempura soft shell crab, alongside quintessential beef empanadas, chicken tostadas and Barbacoa whole lamb shoulder.

The drinks menu is premium, yet playful, highlighting the iconic Patrón Tequila, which infuses all cocktails, too. From pre-batched and bottled, to those mixed, stirred, shaken and poured at the bar, the cocktail list balances fresh ingredients and unique flavours, with a little cheeky, frozen charm.

Bar Patrón exudes the Mexican estilo de vida – or way of life: fun-filled, flavour-packed and effervescently charming.

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