Dine Boldly At Bar Patrón With Our Culinary Favourites

They say that eating is one of life’s simple pleasures: the heavenly mix of good food, good drinks, and good company. At Bar Patrón Circular Quay, we take care of the complexities of dining out so that you can dine boldly. There’s nothing to think about here but the pleasure of the meal: let us transport you into the sophisticated, yet laid-back energy of a Mexican hacienda.

Bar Patrón is undeniably special, and quite literally the only one of its kind in the world. With a drinks list that showcases Patrón tequila in all of its versatility, we are the perfect place to unwind after a particularly long workday, celebrate a milestone, or to satisfy your Harbour view cravings.

Nowhere else in Sydney can you experience the Mexican culture and dining scene like here. Explore our food menu to take a stroll through the vibrant flavour notes in our meals, all designed to tell a story. We can’t wait for you to drink in our true labour of love: keep reading to know more about the quintessential Mexican fare that you should partake in here at Bar Patrón.

Create A One-of-a-Kind Dining Experience With Bar Patrón

A weekend topped with a luxurious lunch is made that much better, so come join us for Bar Patrón’s Weekend Long Lunch and get ready to embark on a journey of the most unique, yet harmonious flavours you can find in Sydney. If you’re looking for our recommendation, the insider favourite of the Bar Patrón chef, scallop ceviche, is the optimal way to start your meal.

This seafood dish is more than a stunning appetiser, but a succulent meal in its own right. Using our fresh ingredients of tequila de tigre, jalapeño tostada, avocado, and grilled pineapple, the scallops sing on the plate and will leave you craving more.

Our savoury pork carnitas tostadita is sure to be a crowd pleaser: approachable, but with enough ingenuity to ensure that you’ve never had a dish like this before. A crispy tortilla is topped with local produce and authentic Mexican flavours. Breathe deeply and savour the notes of orange and ginger, and enjoy the heat from the avocado salsa, queso fresco, and coriander. Share plates of guacamole, brisket birria quesadilla, tuna ensalada and octopus huarache are also available as delicious side accompaniments.

Indulge In The Daring At Bar Patrón

Bar Patrón upholds authenticity over everything: we endeavour to stay true to the cooking principles and flavour profiles of the country. Our tacos are emblematic of Mexican cooking, with chicken, steak asada, eggplant carnitas and soft-shell crab topping options.

If there’s one taco to claim above all of the rest, it’s the Signature Patrón Taco. With its enticing savouriness from steak asada and Lobster al Pastor, the rich blend of avocado mousse and grilled pineapple delightfully offset the light, peppery finish of the roast Patrón Silver salsa.

If you’re thinking of ordering something for the table to share family style, you’re not short of options in that department too. Settling a large platter in the middle of the group will surprise and delight everyone there.

Order plates of Tajima Wagyu Ribeye, enhanced by epazote chimichurri and aged Molē, or Lobster Al Patrón, which is indulgently served with Oaxaca cheese sauce. Enjoy these stunning dishes as you look out our intricately framed windows, and see the incredible Sydney Harbour Bridge just beyond the foreground.

Your night also isn’t complete without a delicious serving of custard-based dessert, our espresso jericalla, or layers of balanced sweetness with our dessert trio taco.

Experience Mexico’s Estilo de Vida With Bar Patrón

Our dedication to giving you an authentic taste of Mexico is second to none: we finetune every detail to craft an experience that is unparalleled this side of the equator. Our meticulously selected food and drinks menu takes all the stress of dining out: just sit back and let us take care of everything. Click here for our menus and other special offerings, such as our Weekend Long Lunch, Express Lunch and Patrón Hour.


*Bar Patrón practices the responsible service of alcohol. RSA applies.

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