Experience Patrón Tequila at Bar Patrón

Published on 8 April 2022

Why Having Patrón Tequila At Bar Patrón is an Unmissable Experience

Complex. Deep. Irresistible. There’s something special about Patrón tequila that elevates any night. With each sip, the notes of agave wash over the senses, leaving you refreshed and wanting more.

A drink as memorable as Patrón needs a backdrop to match, and there’s nowhere better suited than Bar Patrón. Right in the heart of Sydney, Bar Patrón is a modern Mexican restaurant that consistently redefines the tequila-drinking experience, with an extensive offering that all features Patrón. Enjoy share Mexican favourites with your beverage, with dishes like tacos or beef empanadas with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Indulge yourself in after-work tequilas, or gather your friends and toast in celebration! Find out below why each Patrón drink at Bar Patrón is nothing short of a perfect experience.


Bar Patrón Captures the Relaxed Vibrancy of a Mexican Hacienda

There’s no need to jump on a plane to be transported to a dynamic new environment: Bar Patrón truly exudes the Mexican estilo de vida, or lifestyle. Soak up the ambience in a space that is equally laid back and elegant.

As you enter, you’re welcomed by stunning interior design that incorporates modern elements into a Mexican hacienda concept. Lush greenery and terracotta Italian leather upholstery pop beautifully against the sleek white colour palette.

The interior is only rivalled by the spectacular view beyond the window: indulge in unequalled vistas of the iconic Sydney Harbour. Whether sitting at a table or at the Carrara marble bar, savour your Patrón drink with a scenery that is unmatched.


Bar Patrón’s Extensive Range of Tequila

Patrón is known for its versatility, so there are ample ways to enjoy this tequila. At Bar Patrón we like to explore its possibilities, and offer a wide range of drinks that showcase the mixability of Patrón, meticulously crafted from the finest Weber Blue Agave and produced in Mexico. Each variant of Patrón lends itself to your choice of sweet, spicy, fruity, or toasty notes, all perfectly balanced and harmonious.

If you’re unsure what to order from the menu, ask one of our experienced bartenders for recommendations and an unforgettable tequila experience. Bar Patrón’s generous cocktail list features the signature Patrón Classic Margarita, the ultra-luxe Millionaire’s Margarita, and the delectable Day Trader Martini.

Treat your tastebuds to our Roca series. These tequilas are available in Silver, Reposado and Añejo to match preferences, with individual notes of black pepper, ginger and caramel, or grapefruit.

To upscale your Patrón experience, sample our luxury tequilas presented in crystal bottles, stylish cases or elegant boxes. Enhance your standard drink to Gran Patron in Platinum, Piedra, and Gran Burdeos, all mixed with exquisite flavours for a one-of-a-kind beverage.


Bar Patrón Caters to Groups 

However you envision your evening, small and intimate or lively with a big group, Bar Patrón accommodates for all. From private dining to communal tables and whole venue bookings, we have group occasions and events covered. Say salud as you enjoy your night with our delicious drinks, or our barrel selection for flights of 3 or 5.

Choose from Hungarian Oak Cask, French Limousin Oak Cask, American Ex-Bourbon Oak Cask, American Ex-Bourbon Oak Cask or American and French Oak Cask Blend, and get the flavours from Mexico while in the vibrance of Sydney. Our limited-edition tequilas are also a must have: savour the Extra Añejo 5 anos, Guillermo del Toro, 120 En Lalique Serie 1, En Lalique Serie 2 or En Lalique Serie 3.


Book Bar Patrón Now

Breathtaking Sydney Harbour views, bold Mexican flavours, stunning interior design, and a premium drinks menu that features Patrón tequila the way it deserves: Bar Patrón is the place to see and be seen. Create the perfect dining and drinking experience and book a table today.