Get A Hacienda Experience With Bar Patrón’s Must-Try Patrón Tequila Cocktails

Get A Hacienda Experience With Bar Patrón’s Must-Try Patrón Tequila Cocktails

The word ‘iconic’ isn’t thrown around lightly, but it holds true for Patrón tequila. Elegant, sophisticated, and an allrounder, it’s one of the world’s most recognised tequilas for a reason. Each drink highlights the deep, complex flavours that the brand is known for: an enthusiastic introduction to the carefree, vibrant Estilo de Vida.

Bar Patrón, the modern Mexican restaurant at the heart of Sydney’s Circular Quay, serves as the destination for tequila appreciators. Connoisseurs and beginners are invited to try our exclusive range of drinks, including rare Patrón Tequila cocktails you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Book a communal or intimate table with us, and prepare to be awed by Sydney Harbour’s utter magnificence at any time of the day.

Mexico’s drinking culture is a tapestry of experiences designed to be shared —and at Bar Patrón, we take great care to give you one weaved with luxury. So be our guest, and allow us to transport you to where tequila is showcased the way it is meant to. Read on to know more about our delectable range of Patrón-based cocktails.

Raise Your Glass To The Hacienda Lifestyle At Bar Patrón

With the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a picturesque backdrop and decor designed to evoke a relaxed Mexican hacienda, there’s no better way to take in the sights than with a drink in hand.

The custom-made Millionaire’s Margarita, classily served tableside, exemplifies our commitment to giving you only the finest. Have your tastebuds tantalised by the flavours of the warm cognacs Remy Martin Louis XIII and Grand Marnier Cuvée Du Cent Cinquantenaire, along with zesty lime juice, heartwood farm finger lime and agave nectar. Served over an ice diamond ornamented with gold leaf, you won’t find a refreshment like this anywhere else.

Our Platinum Martini is the perfect companion for any occasion. An authentic journey through Patrón Tequila’s versatility, this nitro-chilled cocktail is served table side with Gran Patrón Platinum, Glacier Cut Vodka, Lychee & Grape Tincture.

We always encourage patrons to give our Paloma a try. Enjoyed out of a highball glass, this cocktail is known for its subtle oak wood and agave flavours, as well as its refreshing lime, grapefruit salt and grapefruit soda finish.

For those who prefer to stick to the classics, we offer our iconic Chico Chica. Infused with hints of fruitiness from Davidson plum, seasoned Grilled Pineapple, and Lime, this trademark cocktail is made with Patrón Silver and coconut-washed Campari. Nursing this will transport you to a peaceful place away from the bustle of the city.

Bar Patrón Redefines The Tequila Experience

Bar Patrón is the world’s one-and-only restaurant ever to feature the iconic Patrón Tequila in this unique way. With our drinks list representing the best traditional and modern cocktails, you get a true feel of Mexico’s vibrant drinking culture.

If you want to know more about Bar Patrón’s amazing offerings, including bookings and menus, click here.

*Bar Patrón practices the responsible service of alcohol. RSA applies.

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