Kick off the Weekend with a Premium Long Lunch

So when the weekend rolls around, and you are prepared to stretch your arms and truly soak in the relaxation of your few days off work, where do you turn to? If you’re seeking a place to enjoy a long, relaxing lunch that will set the tone of the weekend just right, there is only one true solution: Bar Patron in Circular Quay.

Starting on the 16th of July, we’re taking it upon ourselves to level up any lazy Saturday and Sunday. Here, everything is set for you to have a picture-perfect afternoon: world-class views, exquisite dishes and striking cocktails. Our long-lunch offering is a celebration of vibrant Mexican dining, highlighting world-class Patrón tequila and the tantalising flavours of the country. Everything is meticulously prepared by our team of culinary talents, so the only thing you have to focus on is revelling in all that there is to offer.

Secure a table with us now for an extended lunch that you won’t soon forget. To find out more, read on about our amazing selection of food and its pairing with premium drinks.

A Mexican Lunch in the Heart of Circular Quay

Elevate any lunch out to new heights with Bar Patrón’s Long Lunch. For just $99 per person, take this unique opportunity to satisfy your needs for quintessential Mexican food and drinks.

Within our set menu, there is a lineup of sophisticated delights that await you. Begin your ultimate dining experience with our take on the classic guacamole and chips: featuring burnt cashews, morita oil, coriander, and corn chips for an ingeniously new twist.

Seafood lovers rejoice, as our next course highlights its flavours beautifully. Our scallop ceviche and tuna ensalada are known for their robust flavour profiles, marrying rich seafood with fresh ingredients to offset the palate beautifully. If you’re looking for something a bit more hearty and filling, our brisket birria quesadilla, pork carnitas tostadita, chicken taco and steak asada are guaranteed to fulfil any deep craving that you have.

Finishing off the meal with something sweet and delicate. Treat yourself to a Mexican custard dessert, espresso jericalla, that features a rich nutty flavour that blends beautifully with the espresso’s bitter and tart-like lemon taste.

Savour Bar Patrón’s Top-Tier Drinks

Bar Patrón is the only restaurant in the world that centres around the iconic Patrón Tequila. Savour the experience for 90 minutes as our talented mixologists serve up an impeccable line-up of margaritas. This includes our Patrón Signature, In Hot Pursuit, Frozen Seasonal and Paloma. There’s nothing better suited to pair with your favourite Mexican dish for an unforgettable afternoon.

Enjoy a Delectable Lunch at Bar Patrón

We know that there is no greater recipe for an afternoon well spent than delicious food, incredible drinks, and the company of your loved ones. At Bar Patrón, we make sure to go above and beyond to deliver you an afternoon of the highest-possible quality. Book with us today and secure a table with the best views of Sydney Harbour imaginable.



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