Romance Over the Harbour: Valentine’s Day at Bar Patrón

Forget the crowded candlelit dinners and predictable roses. This Valentine’s Day, whisk your sweetheart away to a haven of vibrant Mexican passion with breathtaking Sydney harbour views at Bar Patrón. We invite you and your loved one to a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner in Sydney while the sun dips below the iconic Opera House, painting the sky in fiery hues.

The Most Romantic Oasis in Sydney's Heart

Step inside Bar Patrón, one of the best date restaurants in Sydney, and let the warmth envelop you. Flickering candlelight dances on white walls while intimate nooks invite whispered secrets and stolen glances; the air thrums with vibrant energy, a unique blend of Mexican passion and Sydney’s laid-back charm. But the true magic unfolds when you look out the window and onto the harbour front.

Beneath our location, spread out like a glittering jewel, lies Sydney Harbour. The majestic Harbour Bridge bathed in the golden glow of dusk, stands like a sentinel of love. Share a kiss beneath its twinkling lights, or take a romantic stroll along the waterfront, the gentle waves whispering promises of forever. This is a scene straight out of a love story, and Bar Patrón is your front-row seat.

A Table and Feast for Two

Bar Patrón’s Valentine’s Day menu is a fiesta for the senses, a culinary love letter penned with vibrant spices and fresh ingredients. Indulge in briny and plump oysters, and awaken your taste buds with a hint of lime. Up next is our scallop ceviche, a citrusy explosion of flavours that dances on your tongue like a playful mariachi tune. Each dish is a work of art, a testament to the passion that goes into every plate. And, of course, no Mexican love story is complete without a perfect Margarita. Bar Patrón’s mixologists have crafted our signature margaritas with love and to order, served as ice cold as you are first seated.

Say “te amo” in the most delicious way: with our 5-course meal for just $89 per person. Bar Patrón promises a Valentine’s Day dinner that’s more than just a meal; it’s an experience. It’s laughter shared over crispy pork belly, our new mulloway asado, and finished with our delectable tequila-spiced sponge cake, pastel de xocoatl. Enjoy all this and more as your Valentine’s Day memories are etched in the golden glow of the Sydney skyline.

Let Bar Patrón be Part of Your Love Story

Book your table now and let Bar Patrón be the backdrop to your unforgettable Valentine’s Day 2024. Let the bold flavours of Mexican cuisine and the breathtaking romance of Sydney Harbour be the backdrop to your unforgettable love story.

Make Bar Patrón your Valentine’s Day destination and let love, food, and atmosphere weave a spell you’ll never forget.

*Bar Patrón practices the responsible service of alcohol. Drink responsibly.

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