Savour A Sumptuous Truffle Dinner at Bar Patrón

Published on 25 August 2023

Treat yourself to a special night without waiting for something big to happen. At Bar Patrón, we transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Mark your calendars for August 30th, when the rich aroma of our exclusive Truffle Dinner fills the air, elevating your midweek soirée to an opulent gathering.

Extend an invitation to cherished friends or go for a solo respite after a taxing day. Our special truffle menu in Sydney unveils a five-course culinary journey, harmoniously paired with Bar Patrón’s select wines, tequilas and crafted cocktails. Included is a rare sampling of our eminent Gran Patrón Burdeos Añejo. All of this is set amidst stunning interiors and topped off by our breathtaking, world-renowned vista of the harbour, making for a night of elegance that can’t be beaten.

Enjoy the rich flavours of Mexican food with a touch of luxury during Sydney’s truffle season. To know more about the delights awaiting your visit, read on:

Experience A World-Class Truffle Dinner

For just $169, we’re introducing several special dishes featuring truffles handpicked from the Truffle Farm in Canberra, melded seamlessly with Mexico’s signature zest. Our commitment to seasonal ingredients takes center stage in our exclusive Truffle Dinner menu.

As you settle into your spot, anticipate a refreshing start with the Tepache Spritz, a fizzy beverage crafted from the peels and rinds of pineapple. This tasting menu in our Sydney venue promises a gastronomic adventure that captures the essence of fusion and luxury.

Delight in the unique blend of avocado and truffle salsa crowned with coriander gel, then experience the delicate Scallop ceviche adorned with bullhorn salsa, truffle and chicharrónes.

The Panucho, elegantly topped with caviar, crème fraiche and truffle, sets the stage for a Patrón Silver, Roca & El Cielo tasting paired with mango habanero sangrita. Followed by a quesadilla featuring paprika oyster mushroom and truffle-infused yoghurt.

Savour the carne asada taco, enriched with bone marrow and truffle, complemented by a Patrón Reposado Paloma. The snapper and salmon tamale, accompanied by beurre blanc, salmon roe and truffle, pairs exquisitely with Patrón Añejo Iced Tea, infused with the subtle notes of peach and lemongrass.

Your main course offers a truffle molē, spiced rubbed pork loin and King Brown mushroom, presented alongside homogenized corn espuma, charred baby corn and

truffle, all to be enjoyed with handmade fresh corn tortilla and a glass of 2022 Giant Steps Pinot Noir from Yarra Valley, VIC.

Culminate your experience with a dessert taco, a decadent fusion of dulce de leche, Patrón Extra Añejo & truffle ice cream, and a pour of the distinguished Gran Patrón Burdeos Añejo.

Book Your Truffle Dinner Experience Now

Experience the allure of Bar Patron’s truffle dinner, where iconic Sydney views meet unparalleled culinary delights. As a leading truffle restaurant in Sydney, we invite you to indulge in our exquisite offerings that fuse the richness of truffles with our signature dishes. Reserve your table now.


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