El Cielo Tequila

The Newest Tequila from Patrón

Bar Patrón is proud to unveil an exclusive new tequila: Patrón El Cielo.

Produced with superior-quality agave from Jalisco’s Los Altos region, El Cielo is expertly distilled four times for a uniquely sophisticated flavour.

Pairing traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, this tequila harnesses the natural sweetness of the Weber Blue agave for an undeniably light and impossibly smooth finish.

Savour Patrón El Cielo on the rocks and served with an orange slice, or expertly mixed into our new range of cocktails.

There’s a reason why we call it El Cielo: one sip, and you’re in heaven.


T&C’s apply
10% service fee applies Sundays
Bar Patrón practices the responsible service of alcohol. Drink responsibly.