Patrón Tequila

The world’s one-and-only restaurant and bar to feature Patrón Tequila, Bar Patrón is home to the world’s finest tequilas, margaritas and cocktails. At Bar Patrón, as well as the classic Patrón tequilas, you can also taste some of the rarest Patrón tequila’s that you can’t find anywhere else.

The best flavour of Patrón tequila develops slowly and naturally. No shortcut is taken, and only high-quality raw ingredients are used to develop deep, complex flavours.  Agave ripens every eight or so years, the skilful Jimadors take great care to find and uproot only those Weber Blue Agave with optimal sugar content. Using a sharp tool called a Coa, they strip away the leaves to reveal the heart of the plant, the piña.

After being hand-chopped, the piñas are baked in small brick ovens to ensure they’re cooked evenly. Then, they’re crushed by a two-ton volcanic stone Tahona wheel and a roller mill. In fact, Patrón has more working Tahonas than any other tequila producer in the world.  The resulting mixture is fermented for three days, distilled and, in some cases, aged in handmade barrels. Two months at minimum for Patrón Reposado and all the way up to ten years for Extra Añejo 10 Años, the oldest tequila.

After measuring and moulding each bottle, they sustainably harvest fine Portuguese cork or have the masters of French crystal, Lalique, design a beautiful crystal stopper, to complete the story of perfection of each bottle of Patrón tequila.